At MCnG, we recognise that many adults would like to develop a deeper understanding of music without the necessity of taking the traditional theory class approach. This can be as an adjunct to learning an instrument, but not necessarily so. Many adults share a real interest in music, without having had the opportiunity to learn about it. The Music Appreciation class offered, looks at music from a historical perspective, and combines a listening program with some background information, and a limited amount of theoretical knowledge, to help make sense of the main ideas. The purpose of the course is to give a sense of the bigger picture of music, without burdening the individual with too much technical knowledge. It is anticipated that once the basic introductory course is complete, additional follow-on classes will be based on more specific areas in music, and build on the core material.

The foundation course is divided into the following sections:

Each section of the course will feature the works of the main composers, and what influenced their thinking, what the structures and forms that hold a piece of music together are, and what the major points of style are, that separate each genre, and associated music knowledge. All of this will be presented in the simplest of frameworks, to de-mystify the muscial process and make the experience of music in everyday life more fulfilling.

What makes this course unique, is that we can back up the classroom information with a number of exciting developments in internet technology. The course is supported by a number of resources, that promise to make the experience of learning very enjoyable. These include access to online resources, provided free of charge by the School. The two dominant resources offered are as follows:

The Grove encyclopedia of music and supporting dictionaries. This is the standard in music education scholarship and boasts articles by the world's formost thinkers in their chosen fields, which cover everything from classical to traditional, jazz to popular music.

Also provided is the Naxos online streaming music site where it is possible to listen to in excess of 10,000 music albums, covering music of every genre and style. Other resources including sheet music libraries will also be available.


Renaissance and Medieval





20th Century

Jazz and Popular