bursaries image 1 MCnG is a privately run school of music, and so, it is self-financing. However, we take our role as provider very seriously, and recognise that, in certain instances, there is a real opportunity to develope certain skills, or new instruments, or students who excel, by offering limited financial assistance in the form of a bursary. As our school grows, so will the availability of additional promotions.

A number of instrument bursaries will be available in the first year for students to use while they are learning. These include Double Bass, and Classical Guitar. This list will expand to include most of the rarer instruments, to encourage students to look at a variety of instrumental choices, when considering taking up a new instrument.

It is intended that some bursaries will also be awarded to certain students, who display excellence in their exams, and this will take the form of a reduction in fees charged for they year by the sum of the deposit due to the school. Such students will be featured in publicity by the school, and acceptance of the bursary will be taken as consent to use the students' achievements in this way.

All Diploma students enjoy a subsidy in their fees. Classes at this level would normally cost 50% extra but we have decided to maintain them at the standard hourly rate. The school will waive its deposit fee, which is then paid to the teacher. The cost to the student remains the same. This is done in recognition for the level of work and commitment given by each student to achieve this level in their chosen instrument, but also because it brings recognition to the school for the level of skill employed by the teaching staff.

In certain instances, MCnG might also decide to promote the development of a new instrument in our program, by offering the encouragement of a Bursary to anyone interested in taking up a place.

In the case of parents, who find making the semester payment creates financial difficulties, then they may speak in absolute confidence with the director to see if an alternative method of payment might ease the burden by spreading the costs.