Diploma Bursary

diploma bursary image 1 The attaining of a diploma is only done after years of study and discipline. At MCnG, we wish to acknowledge this by awarding the Bursary Diploma to all students, who reach this level of skill. The Bursary lasts for 2 years max, and the school will require evidence that the student is actively engaged in pursuing a diploma. This will involve a signed declaration from student and teacher. Progress over the two years will be monitored, and if this is not moving at a satisfactory rate or if the student fails to reach the required standard after two years, no further bursaries will be available to that student.

Classes at Diploma level would normally be charged at a much higher rate, due to the level of expertise involved in teaching at this level. Our aim is to reward both the student and the teacher, by subsidising both to make it all more attractive.

This bursary will apply to the school deposit. The school will collect the deposit, as usual, for the two years and make a payment directly to the teacher, so that the teacher will receive the level of payment that acknowledges their excellence in teaching at this level. The student pays no extra for the diploma than they would for a regular lesson for one hour duration.