Levels of Diploma

Levels of Diploma image 1 Each of the major exam boards offer professional diplomas though their external examination syllabus. We currently offer diplomas by:

Plans are also being developed to offer Fetac qualification in certain areas of study.

Associate Diploma

This is the entry level qualification, and is usually the next logical step taken by advanced students, after completing the standard grade examinations. There are few pre-requisites, but a high standard of performance is expected and grade 5 theory must have been passed to qualify.

Licentiate Diploma

This is the second level of qualification available. It is often mandatory that the student has first achieved the level of associate, before they can progress to this level, but this is subject to the rules of the particular examination board. Teaching qualification at this level is recognised at VEC level in this country as eligible for full-time contracts in a VEC school. Accordingly, the standard of performance for this diploma is quite significant.

Fellowship Diploma

Students may not enter for examination at this level, without first qualifying at Licentiate level. This is the highest level of performance qualification available anywhere, and so, the level of skill required to achieve a diploma of this standing is exceptional.