Frequently Asked Questions

Can anybody apply to the school to become a student?

Absolutely. The school is open to all to attend. Furthermore the Director is available upon appointment to discuss all aspects of tuition offered within the school. This might range from questions about instrument choice to the choice of teacher for any given instrument.

I study an instrument privately. Can I apply to the school for supporting classes in theory and musicianship?

Yes. All our academic programs are open to the public whether they are learning an instrument with us or not. This applies to the adult music appreciation class as well as leaving and junior cert programs.

Do I get to choose which teacher I study with when I register with the school?

Students that have already commenced training with a specific teacher will be able to continue with that teacher. All new students can request a specific teacher, and where possible, this will be catered to, but this cannot be guaranteed. In this case a student will be assigned to another member of staff.

Is there any reduction in fees for multiple members from the same family?

Yes. The school deposit fee will be reduced by 30% for the second and each subsequent family member. The remainder, due to the teacher, is not affected. Students who wish to enrol for two instruments also benefit from this reduction.

Can I borrow an instrument to learn on?

There is a small instrument bank available for loan at the moment, but not every instrument is as yet catered for. Those that are available are loaned free of charge, but must be covered by insurance. Any damage to the instrument, while on loan must be looked after by the student.

Does the school cater for students with disabilities?

School policy is that music is to be made available to everyone. However, since the contract for teaching is between the parent and the teacher in each case, representation would have to be made to the individual teacher to ensure that they had the necessary experience to deal appropriately with whichever disability presents. The school will positively facilitate this process in every way it can.

How do I qualify for a bursary?

Bursaries are awarded in three instances. Instrument Bursaries which are given out free of charge to students wishing to explore their choice of instrument prior to making a final decision. These are awarded on a first come first served basis. Diploma Bursaries, where the school subsidises the class fee, by waiveing the school deposit fee, to compensate the teacher, so that the student pays no extra for the class. The family registration fee remains in place. No application process is involved the student automatically qualifies once registered on an approved Diploma Syllabus. Bursaries based on excellence will be awarded each year to no more than three students and are based upon exam results. Each Sept a shortlist of students deemed to have reached a level of excellence in their chosen instrument, validated by exam results will be compiled. There will be a recital performance given by these students from which the bursaries will be awarded.

Do I have to take an exam in my chosen instrument?

No. This is at the discretion of the student/parent in consultation with the teacher.