Kindergarten/Colourstrings Classes

kindergarten image 1Welcome to our kindergarten/colourstrings section. This concept is a first in Galway, but is so much fun, and so exciting in what it brings to the teaching repertoire that we felt its time had come. There is a brief introduction to colourstrings in the side bar but there is also a full pdf file you may wish to download if you require further information. Right-Click your mouse on the download link, and select either Save Link or Save Target As depending on your browser.

It is a central part of our mission that music studies begin the moment the child becomes aurally receptive. In some cases, this can begin as early as 3 months old. In this, our first year, there is an age restriction of 1 year on our pre-school classes, but it is our intention to introduce the earlier age group, as more resources become available. Colourstrings did start out as a method of preparing infants for tuition in string playing, but was so successful that it is now expanded to incorporate a number of other instruments, including piano. It can also be studied as an end in itself without progressing to learning an instrument. Using adapted Kodaly teaching methods, the results achieved are truly startling, as well as a lot of fun for those involved. Colourstrings is the most successful, and recognised, program available anywhere in the world, and we are truly excited to be introducing it to Galway.