School Regulations for Maoin Cheoil na Gaillimhe


1. To help preserve the well-being of fellow students and the staff, a student who is not well enough to attend school during the day should not attend classes/lessons after school hours on the same day

2. Students, or their parents, must inform the Teacher, if they are suffering from any form of illness or allergy, and if they are taking any form of medication. It is particularly important that a Teacher knows if a student suffers from a condition such as Asthma, Diabetes or Epilepsy so that they can cope in an informed way, if the student should suffer an attack.

3. If a student suffers from an officially notifiable illness the school must be informed.

4. It is also important to know if the student suffers from any hearing or sight problems, or any learning difficulties that might affect a student's ability to respond in a class or individual lesson.

5. All medical information will be treated in the strictest confidence by the school.

Missed Classes and Punctuality

Students must attend their classes or lessons at scheduled times. Classes or lessons missed through the fault of students will not be made up. If a teacher is unable to attend a class a deputy teacher may be appointed. If no teacher is available the class will be made up at a mutually convenient time. Because teacher schedules are tight, a student who is late for lesson or class will not receive extra time. Please remember that teachers are not obliged to make up or give extra time to absent or late students.


The Director, or Administrator, must be notified of withdrawal of a student from lessons or cancellation of course of study. Adjustments to invoices or refunds can only be made from the date of this formal notification.

Parents will need to be aware that from the date of cancellation there will be a charge for two additional weeks of tuition. The student is free to avail of these lessons at their own discretion.

Any remaining fees will be fully refunded.


Students enter for examinations with the consent of their teacher. Students are responsible for finding their own accompanist., though lists of available accompanists will be made available from the Office. Exam fees must be paid on time. Failure to pay fees by the closing date (advertised on school notice boards) means that the student will not be entered for an exam.


1. Students are asked to respect School property and buildings at all times. Please behave in a quiet and orderly manner both in the school and in school grounds. Students are expected to co-operate with staff so as to ensure an atmosphere conducive to learning in the school. Repetition of unruly behaviour will be dealt with by the Director and can result in discontinuation of classes.

2. Parents should be aware that it is their sole responsibility to escort their children to and from all classes taken in the school. St Mary's College have made it a condition of the running of the school that no child under 12 be left unattended in the school at any time. Consequently, it has to be understood that parents who ignore this request can have classes withdrawn without further explanation.

3. Running and Jumping are not permitted in the school

4. Apart from bottled water, eating and drinking are not permitted in the school building. This especially applies to the chewing of gum

5. Students must take responsibility for their own belongings and instruments and be mindful of any hazard they might cause to others.


School hours are from Monday to Saturday. We close on Sundays and Bank Holidays. Students and parents should regularly check the school notice boards for details of exam fees, closing dates, school events and general information. Help us to help you.

General enquiries will be dealt with immediately, where possible, during normal office hours. For specific queries/enquiries you may be referred to the relevant teacher, or the Director, and an appointment made. Outside office hours, please ring and leave a detailed message. The Director is available to students and parents by appointment only. If you wish to talk to a teacher please make an appointment via the office. This procedure helps us to help you.


From time to time photographs or videos may be taken of students for publicity purposes. Unless otherwise stated, submission of the enrolment form will be regarded as permission for such photographs to be so used