Musicianship Classes

Maoin Cheoil na Gaillimhe, Galway Music Resource flyer, School of Music ,St. Mary's College At MCnG we hold the belief that no music education is complete without a grounding in the language of music and the proper development of aural skills. This viewpoint is shared by every established school of music in the world but hitherto has not been available on this scale to students in Galway. Our programs are tailored to every level and age group and are included in the curriculum for students of the school free of any additional charge. Our programs are also available to external students at a very competative price to allow them supplement their private studies.

The combined study of theory and aural training is known as musicianship. The two are studied side by side in each class and are mutually complimentary, each adding significantly to the understanding a student brings to their instrument and the joy of music making.

The theory component explains the language of music in a carefully prepared step by step method that develops an understanding of rudiments, keys, harmony and chords etc.

The aural trainng help to develop the ear in a music way to help the student to discern pitch, rhythm, phrase structure and chord progressions etc.

The full structure of these courses is available as a PDF for you to study further if you want more information. Right-Click your mouse on the link, and select either Save Link or Save Target As depending on your browser.