Maoin Cheoil na Gaillimhe traditional image 1 Traditional music is at the core of any vibrant culture and this was never more applicable than in the case of Irish Tradional Music. Apart from being amongst the most recognisable traditional musics in the world, it is a cultural record of who we are as a people and preserves in a vital way centuries of cultural heritage.

Our awareness of that music is changing daily, both in how the tradition is passed on but also in terms of how we understand it. The global phenomenon that was Riverdance explored links between musical traditions as much as it celebrated Irish music itself.

Here at MCnG we are privileged to be at the heart of a city and county where Irish music is a vital part of everyday life. Our dedication to seeing the expansion of Irish music performance at the highest level is matched by the same care of approach as we have with all music at the school. All students are encouraged to avail of all additional classes and workshops that only serve to expand our knowledge and help musicians from different backgrounds interact with each other.