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We offer classes in the full range of subjects. But largely these break into main groupings such as Wind, Strings and Piano studies. It should be noted that each education hub of the school offers a different range of choices tailored to each location. It is important to look at the range of services on offer in each location to see what best fits.

Colourstrings teaching is available in Strings only at the moment but the ideas of the method permeate a lot of the work in both Wind and Piano Depts. That said it is not the exclusive idea behind teaching in the school. Our staff hail from a range of nationalities and backgrounds. The beauty of this is that each one brings with them new ideas and approaches and this fosters a degree of exchange in the school that ensures that approaches are always evolving and improving. So individual staff members often excel in different way and levels for student development. In this regard we are always happy to offer advice in relation to teacher choice for each student.

Some of our centres offer a range of group lessons. These are designed to offer a more relaxed approach to learning an instrument in a much more social environment and often this suits students in a multitude of ways to develop social building skills through their music. Group lessons will be offered in areas where the methodology has a proven track record. In the early stage of development of our education hubs we will offer classes in Traditional music, Brass Band and Guitar.

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