We offer occasional training in Colourstrings methodology. Our courses are CPD approved by the Dept of Education. Music knowledge is not essential to take part in the training, as that is a part of the overall course, but a reasonable singing voice is a must.

The training begins with an Introduction to Colourstrings Kindergarten Foundation course (usually 5 days). This is our most popular course and provides a wonderful overview of the method and material.

Following this is the Colourstrings Music Kindergarten Phase 1 course (again spread over 5 days). After attending both of these courses, trainee teachers complete written and practical coursework, including a musicianship assessment, teaching practicum and research into child development. These have now been modified to adapt to the needs and responses of teachers in the Irish school system.

Once coursework has been completed, the Certificate of Colourstrings Music Kindergarten Teaching (Phase 1) is awarded. This award proves a high level of competency in classroom teaching and gives all the tools necessary to develop a program unique to their own needs.

The Colourstrings Music Kindergarten Phase 2 course is an advanced course of study taken after at least 2 years of qualified teaching experience leads to the Certificate of Colourstrings Music Kindergarten Teaching (Phase 2). This is an exceptionally high level of qualification and really for teachers with a serious interest in developing music far beyond the requirements of the national curriculum.

Training dates are posted here on the website once they have been ratified for that year Usually each spring. Costs and payment options of training will accompany any such post.

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