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Colourstrings Outreach

Our school outreach program is designed to bring music literacy to a primary school setting in a fun and challenging way. This is achieved in a multi strand approach.

1. We send qualified teachers to the school to work with the class teaching repertoire and musicianship skills. This is done with the assistance of the classroom teacher who then uses the material learned in repetition for the remainder of that week.

2. We provide teaching resources for the teachers to enable them to grow more comfortable with the material.

3. We encourage the classroom teachers to attend for CPD training in the summer months with us so that they can begin to develop a personal approach to teaching the method themselves.

4. We mentor the teachers from this stage and co-present lessons so that they can build confidence in their teaching.

5. We offer a chance to continue training at level 2 and if they so wish to complete a straight forward set of exams whereby they can become qualified in the method and this has full recognition.

6. We assist in the provision of teaching materials and offer ongoing CPD training in Kodaly musicianship and complimentary approaches such as Dalcrose Eurythmics.

Over a three to four year period we aim to bring students to a level of musicianship where they are comfortable with all of the basic music concepts. They are also reading rhythms fluently and in many cases are reading full notation from simplified music staffs.

Galway Youth Choir


This program is designed along similar lines to the previous model in that it seeks to harness the learning of the Colourstrings program and build on it.

Repertoire is taught using the same system of learning and literacy skills are enhanced at each level. Most importantly there is a shared repertoire between schools that enables the idea of build a series of massed concerts in the city for parents and friends to come together and enjoy.

The human voice remains the single most expressive instrument ever created for the purposes of making music and is central to our vision for creating a literate young population in the city.

Additional Information

Full information about registering interest in becoming a part of the Colourstrings/Youth Choir outreach family can be had from our main office.

Email us at: office@mcng.ie

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