Mission Statement And Strategic Goals

Maoin Cheoil na Gaillimhe’s Mission Statement

MCnG is committed to providing the highest level of service for all of its students ensuring that their creative talents are given every opportunity to develop; to work with staff in growing skills in education and performance; to support students in their success; to provide training for non-professional practitioners to add value to their own work; to empower disadvantaged students with equal opportunities; and to the musical and cultural development of the city.

MCnG recognises the need to promote the development of general music education for all young people, irrespective of background or means. Full recognition of Music as an creative educational right is central to our mission. Parallel to this is the ambition to be able to cater for the specialist needs of highly ambitious creative children who strive for musical excellence.

Maoin Cheoil na Gaillimhe translates as the ‘Galway Music Resource’. Though we do lean on the twin meaning of the word Maoin as ‘Gift’. This is because Galway’s position as a city is unique in relation to the Arts. The celebration of artistic endeavour permeates the social fabric.

We gratefully harvest from that tradition to create opportunities for students to grow as performers, composers, teachers or simply adults of imagination and musicality. The interplay between building on the resource of natural talent and gifting the outcomes back to the larger community is the modality that drives and rewards us in equal measure.

Five Strategic Goals

GOAL 1. Strive for excellence
  • Develop a proper working environment for the growth of musical enquiry and academic excellence.
  • Recruit tutors of real ability and passion and ensure that CPD training programs are in place at every level to help them continue their own learning journeys.
  • Make sure that all education pathways are in place from Kindergarten to Diploma level.
  • Ensure that the standard of provision remains equal to all regardless of means.
GOAL 2. Prepare appropriate resources
  • Make the best use of resources to enhance student opportunities for learning and performance.
  • Continue to invest in the development of the Staff to improve the quality of service on offer for students.
  • Share resources with partner schools of music to maximise benefit across city and county.
  • Provide instrument banks for centres of need.
  • Take care to match investment and return to ensure the long term economic viability of the school.
GOAL 3. Develop lasting partnerships
  • Strengthen connections to past students and parents to build a lasting capacity and interest in music.
  • Strengthen strategic alliances with other organisations to expand on opportunities for the student body.
  • Maintain and develop international partnerships that provide learning pathways for students.
  • Look to developing relationships with industry financial partners.
  • Expand the primary school network.
GOAL 4. Increase our visibility
  • Work with the current student body, past pupils and staff to increase profile.
  • Develop an integrated artistic vision for MCnG across all media platforms.
  • Expand the performance opportunities of students and staff in the real and online worlds.
  • Engage in collaborative projects across arts platforms with partner organisations.
GOAL 5. Leverage State interest
  • Build the multi campus school network across the city with music hubs to anchor provision in each community.
  • Work with local and national politicians to continue to keep a state funded school of music on the agenda.
  • Continue to align with local partner groups to build capacity.
  • Maintain a discourse across media platforms on the needs to create a viable working environment that satisfies the earning needs of staff and the cost of tuition for Students.

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